Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range of participants?

Participants' ages range from the late teens to the 70s. We welcome under 18s but they must be accompanied by a guardian.

Is it possible to arrive the day before or leave later?

We only have use of the Domaine for the specified dates. There are plenty of hotels in Le Mans if you need to arrive earlier or want to stay in the area an extra day.

How do I get from Le Mans to the Domaine?

There will be one bus pick up at the train station on the Sunday and one drop off on the Friday. Times to be specified by email close to the course dates.

If you need to travel at other times you will need a taxi (cost around €60) or there are occasional buses.

Can I participate in two consecutive courses?

Yes. Do get in touch sooner rather than later to check availability

Does the course include individual instrumental lessons?

Mostly no. There will be group instrumental sessions and plenty of ensemble playing. Tutors will give individual feedback throughout the course.

What do I need to bring with me?

We provide microphones, pianos, keyboards, drums and some amps. Bass players and guitarists will need to bring their own bass or guitar (amp is optional ).

Woodwind and brass players of course need to bring their horn!

Singers will need to bring two copies of charts in their key for songs they want to perform. (Bb parts and Eb parts are also useful on the advanced vocal courses.)

All instrumentalists need  to bring a music stand.

Everyone can bring manuscript paper, a pencil and rubber.

Can I record the classes and concerts

Yes. You can bring your own recording devices but please make sure you have batteries, leads etc, as they often can't be found in the local shops.

Recordings made on summer school premises are for private use and may not be broadcast or published on the internet without permission of tutors.

The same rule applies to concert footage recorded during concerts and workshops. Please get the permission of all the performers before publishing online . 

I'm a beginner. Will I be able to come?

Unless otherwise specified the vocal course is suitable for a wide range of abilities and experience. Some knowledge of jazz repertoire & jazz standards would be very useful.

Instrumental courses are aimed at intermediate and above levels and therefore require some performing experience and knowledge of jazz harmony.

If you are not sure, do get in touch and we'll be happy to advise you.

I have special dietary requirements. Can I be catered for?

There will always be a non-meat option at every meal (ie. fish, quiche, eggs, vegetables). The kitchen unfortunately cannot deal with more complex requirements. You may need to opt out of the meal package and bring your own bread, cereal or other foods if you have specific dietary needs or are vegan .

“Belair was absolutely fantastic - so inspirational, thank you again!”

“Such an amazing experience in France. I learnt an incredible amount from everyone there. It was very inspiring.”